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Saturday, 18 December 2010 21:55

courtesy : Mrs. Kantheruby Venkat


Ais kachang/kacang is considered the national dessert of Malaysia. A shallow bowl is filled with sweet tidbits;topped with a mountain of shaved ice and drenched with evaporated milk,rose and chocolate syrups.Just the antidote for a hot day.

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450gm red beans;rinsed
15gm clear agar agar(seaweed)
2 cups castor sugar
2 cups granulated sugar
2 pandan(screwpine) leaves;shredded and knotted
a few drops of red food coloring;organic
300gm whole sweet corn kernel;drained
12 cherries;pitted or 12 blueberries
6 lychees;sliced
seeds from 1/2 pomegranate(ripe fruit)
375ml evaporated milk
rose flavored syrup concentrate;organic
chocolate syrup
shaved ice
sufficient water


Method of preparation:

Place the red beans in a pot.Pour sufficient water and soak overnight. Boil the beans till it is soft enough to be mashed with a spoon.Drain, cool and mash.Set aside.In another pot; boil some water.Add agar agar and castor sugar.Stir occasionally till the sugar and agar agar are dissolved.Next add pandan leaves and food coloring.Simmer.Remove pandan leaves and pour liquid into a wet pan.Allow to cool and harden at room temperature.Cut into 1cm cubes.


To make rose flavored syrup:

In a pot boil 3 cups water.Add 2 cups granulated sugar.Stir till the sugar is dissolved.Cool and pour into a jug.Next add the rose flavored syrup concentrate.Mix well.


Serving suggestion:

In a bowl place 2 tablespoon mashed red beans and 1 tablespoon sweet corn.Next pile agar agar bits,cherries,lychees and pomegranate seeds in a pyramid shape.Finally top it off with shaved ice in a cone shape.Pour rose flavored syrup on the cone.Then,drench with evaporated milk.Pour(squirt) some chocolate syrup on the cone. Using a spoon scoop ice at the bowl edge;mixing slowly the sweet tidbits bit by bit.The cone will eventually collapse into the cavity.



1.Jell-O or lengkong(seaweed jelly) can be substituted for agar agar.
2.Adjust the sweetness level according to personal taste.

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